Which healthcare profession is more demanded between MHA and MPH?

The healthcare sector is growing and evolving quickly. This expansion requires qualified professionals to properly manage health institutions, as well as an interdisciplinary approach that looks after individuals while studying solutions to improve well-being within a community. Because of their importance in society, MHA and MPH professions make highly demanded healthcare jobs today.

In this article, you will learn about the MHA and MPH degrees. We will discuss what these degrees consist of, point out their differences, and analyze the employment opportunities available for both professions, salaries, among other topics.

1. What are MHA and MPH in healthcare?

2. Which MHA or MPH professions are the most demanded?

3. What job opportunities are there for MHA and MPH professionals?

4. Differences between the MHA and MPH professions

5. How much are MHA and MPH graduates paid in the UAE?

6. Where can I find MHA or MPH jobs in the UAE?

7. How to obtain more information on which healthcare profession is the most in-demand between MHA and MPH?

1. What are MHA and MPH in healthcare?

The Master of Health Administration degree is meant to provide the student with deep knowledge and understanding of healthcare’s business aspects. These programs equip individuals with tools for the management and administration of health services organizations and medical facilities. MHA and MPH degrees are rooted in the same fundamentals, though they share great differences.

Individuals with an MHA can work in certain areas of healthcare administration, such as clinical management, data management, healthcare ethics, health policy, health information systems, or hospital organizations. Within all these sectors, healthcare administrators make sure their institution is up to date regarding the most recent regulations and policies.

A Master of Public Health, on the other hand, studies how diseases, violence, and injuries influence countries, states, and communities. They must provide solutions to these problems, as they prevent others by spreading awareness within a locality. An important aspect of an MPHs job is to have the capability of impacting legislative policies.

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Some public health specializations for individuals with an MPH degree include environmental health, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, substance abuse, maternal health, and mental health. Essentially considered a health research degree, a Master of Public Health teaches individuals how to determine and address public health problems.

1.1 The Master of Health Administration Degree

An MHA graduate takes care of the management of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Professionals of this area of specialization need to have a deep comprehension of financing institutions, as well as healthcare delivery. Besides, this job requires them to develop great leadership methods in combination with problem-solving strategies, creativity, and innovation.

Medical professionals can transition over to executive roles with an MHA or MPH degree. An MHA expert must have knowledge and understanding of the law, health policy, finances, etc. To efficaciously run the business side of a healthcare institution, an MHA provides with mastering of leadership strategies along with the use of corporation administration tools.

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A Master of Health Administration can make an individual qualify for higher-paying employment opportunities. However, these jobs imply higher responsibilities, as they will be in charge of the management of medical institutions, services, administration, budgets, and all business matters within the healthcare industry.

1.2 The Master of Public Health Degree

The Master of Public Health degree protects and preserves the health and well-being of a certain community or even worldwide. Thanks to research, these experts study how to solve issues that are afflicting entire populations, work hand to hand with other sectors, and provide education, resources, and solutions to achieve the best results.

Professionals with an MPH can work in corporations and industries, state, or as public health practitioners. This job consists of the analysis of data, monitoring of threatening agents to the public health while leading health research programs and impacting public health policy. They are in constant evaluation and establishment of new healthcare programs while promoting better public health practices.

This interdisciplinary degree combines diverse sectors of public health practice. Focusing on administration, health management, leadership, and implementation of public health programs, MPH doctors have a set of skills and research tools to monitor diseases and outbreaks in a locality.

2. Which MHA or MPH professions are the most demanded?

Because of the latest technological advances, the high financial investment, and the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, medical field jobs are today on the rise. Many factors are increasing the demand for healthcare professionals. As millions reach retirement age with a higher life expectancy, there is an exponential growth of the elderly population.

Master of Health Administration and Master of Public Health graduates, as well as professionals from all medical careers, are needed to cover the increasing necessity of healthcare laborers. Nurses, surgeons, and practitioners are currently being required. Also, experts that can correctly administrate and manage healthcare institutions and facilities are needed.

Amid the persisting coronavirus global pandemic, public health professionals, such as epidemiologists have seen an unprecedented increase in their demand. However, both MHA and MPH jobs play an equally essential role in the healthcare industry during these difficult times.

3. What job opportunities are there for MHA and MPH professionals?

Having earned an MHA or MPH degree can guarantee professionals a very successful career. Among some of the jobs that MHA specialists can apply for, we find admissions coordinator, chief nursing officer, clinical director, corporate healthcare manager, and department manager. An admissions coordinator, in this case, is responsible for overseeing and managing admissions within a healthcare organization.

Besides, a chief nursing officer is in charge of the management of nursing jobs, supervising and improving care at a medical institution. Also, clinical directors must take care of all administrative functions in a hospital facility. Most of the jobs available for MHA graduates include managing, commanding, and supervising. These activities focus on maintaining the correct functioning of health services organizations.

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Some jobs for Master of Public Health graduates include biostatistician, epidemiologist, health educator or administrator, and environmental health scientist. Biostatisticians, for example, make use of statistics and studies to collect biological data. Whether it is for scientific research purposes, governments, universities, or the federal government, these professionals have plenty of job opportunities.

Epidemiologists, additionally, analyze outbreaks of diseases, as well as the causes, impact, and how to stop the spread. They usually work for medical and pharmaceutical companies and state or government agencies. Also, health educators implement health education projects in countries and communities for medical institutions, government, non-profits, or social assistance programs.

4. Differences between the MHA and MPH professions

One of the biggest differences between Master of Healthcare Administration and Master of Public Health degrees is their focus. While an MPH dedicates to generating social changes regarding public health care and collective well-being, the MHA is centered on the business side of healthcare. However, in the long term, they have the common goal of fulfilling the needs of entire communities.

Those interested in being in serving the public by providing access to healthcare services, as well as patients’ rights are likely to enjoy pursuing a public health career. On the other hand, those who prefer to study a health career from a business perspective and like leading, managing, and making decisions on behalf of an institution will possibly like a healthcare administration career.

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Another relevant factor when deciding between these two paths is the work environment. Someone who enjoys performing research activities, such as data analyzing and working in a laboratory, would be a fit for a profession like epidemiology or biostatistics, among other medical field jobs.

In contrast, individuals who are enthusiastic about being in contact with medical personnel and patients would presumably prefer working in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and healthcare facilities. These workplaces are more related to the MHA degree, in which most jobs revolve around the management and correct administration of these medical institutions.

5. How much are MHA and MPH graduates paid in the UAE?

Salaries in the United Arab Emirates are primarily determined by experience level. Even so, all specialists from the medical sector can expect good wages. For example, a biostatistician with an average experience of two years receives an income of around AED 15,300 a month. Meanwhile, those with experience of up to five years are likely to receive around AED 21,700 monthly.

There are many career paths within both the MHA and MPH degrees. If we mention other public health positions, epidemiologists can estimate salaries ranging from AED 17,000 to AED 51,200. Environmental scientists, in contrast, receive salaries that range from AED 16,000 at minimum, to up to AED 51,000.

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Regarding Master of Health Administration careers, occupations like healthcare management jobs have an average wage of AED 27,000. From having little to no experience to having an advanced understanding of the field, salaries can range from AED 6,000 to 68,000 for these professionals. Exploring other positions, we can find health services managers with average salaries of AED 9,200.

Undoubtedly, the most determinant factor when it comes to salaries is experience, as it guarantees employers that the individual has the tools and knowledge to carry out the best business strategies. Despite that, medical field jobs are increasing so quickly that there is an opportunity waiting for every graduate.

6. Where can I find MHA or MPH jobs in the UAE?

In terms of employment seeking, the opportunities for individuals with an MHA or MPH degree are abundant. These qualified professionals can apply for a wide range of healthcare field jobs. However, job-hunting often consumes time and energy, and it can be quite challenging. This task is often considered difficult and many people give up when they cannot get the position they desire.

The world is connected through technology, and the internet facilitates a variety of activities we perform in our daily lives. When it comes to finding the best healthcare job opportunities, online platforms oriented to professional networking are preferred by most people. Individuals can display their CVs while connecting with employers and healthcare-oriented companies.

In the UAE, websites such as Connect Health create bridges between qualified medical specialists and healthcare institutions looking for their talent. Whether you are aspiring for a clinical director position, environmental health scientist, or health administrator, this easy-to-use platform guarantees medical professionals a simple and effective process.

MHA and MPH professionals have infinite employment possibilities. Yet, it is not superfluous to understand how to make this task easier. In the UAE, employers are actively looking for new talents to cover the demand of medical workers in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutions in general.

7. How to obtain more information on which healthcare profession is the most demanded between MHA and MPH?

If you have a Master of Health Administration, you have probably wondered “where can I find healthcare management jobs?” at least once. Pursuing a health career is promising due to the constant growth of this field. Despite that, the process of finding the right job could become difficult when you do not have the right tools.

In the United Arab Emirates, online platforms like Connect Health make things easier for recruiters and professionals. Aspirants can apply for medical field jobs within minutes. HR managers will evaluate and determine which candidate is the best match for the company’s needs. This way, the hiring process is shortened and simplified for everyone.

Whether you are a medical laborer looking for job opportunities in the UAE or the manager of a healthcare facility, our services adapt to your professional requests. Also, we have a customer service hotline at your service. Its purpose is to provide you with more orientation on how our services will suit your needs.

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