What payroll options are available for agency nurses?

If you are looking for a nursing job, or on the other hand, if you are an employer and you would like to hire the services of an agency, you should know what payroll options are available for agency nurses.

In this article, you will find information about nursing agencies and medical jobs. As well as a deduction of taxes paid in the UAE to help you choose the best payroll option in the health industry for you.

  1. What is an agency nurse?
  2. How much do agency nurses charge?
  3. What payroll options are available for agency nurses?
  4. Which is the best payroll option in Dubai?
  5. What is an umbrella company?
  6. What taxes do you have to pay in Dubai?
  7. How to choose a nursing agency?
  8. How can this company help you find out more information about what are the payroll options for a nursing agency?

1. What is an agency nurse?

agency nurses

Agency nurses are qualified staff for health care facilities and private patients, for example, sending nursing staff to a hospital during a busy time or providing special care to chronic patients at home.

Health care agencies employ a wide variety of medical professionals to provide short and long-term services to patients who are elderly, disabled, or too ill to care for themselves.

Home health care is often the difference between placing an ill loved one in an institution and allowing them to continue living in their own home while they recover.

In other words, you will be able to achieve a better relationship between the patient and the physician. Thanks to the structure of these centers. In this way, the family will be able to keep optimal control of their treatment.

1.1 What services does a nursing agency provide?

A nursing job means being qualified to perform their tasks optimally. They must attend to the circumstances of each patient and know how to face possible situations of adversity.  The functions are broad and require specific training, not only in the field of health but also at an empathic and socio-cultural level. Some services are:

  • Assist users in their treatment or recovery process: one of its main objectives will be the administration of the corresponding treatment prescribed by the physician.
  • Follow-up of the patient’s evolution or involution: communicate the process experienced by the patient. Thus, guiding the physician in the continuation or cancellation of treatment.
  • To achieve maximum patient self-care capacity: to regain or create habits that gradually reduce the need for a nurse. Also helps to achieve greater independence at the time of discharge.
  • Preservation of safety: situations can be adverse for many reasons, the patient may relapse, have decompensation or suffer another reaction. Therefore, the nurse is prepared and will know how to act in any situation.
  • Support in health centers: they also provide services to a health center, and other facilities not only homes, everything must be agreed with the agency.
  • Psychological support to the family: they also manage to empathize and facilitate the experience of all parties, as well as behave appropriately and professionally. Without neglecting the sensitivity that this profession requires.

1.2 Requirements to apply for a nursing job in Dubai?

You must also have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing (minimum three years of study).
  • At least two years of postgraduate experience in a relevant major.
  • Current and valid nursing records in the country of origin.
  • Many who have worked in the Middle East, have had the experience of a lifetime, made lifelong friends, traveled the world, and returned home with financial security.

With us, you can browse the latest job openings in the UAE or contact us to learn more about working in the healthcare industry in the Middle East.

2. How much do agency nurses charge?

The initial rate of pay for a nursing job is based on the NHS banding or grade system.

Other factors include:

  • Schedule: regular day shifts are paid less than night shifts. As well as extra days such as Sundays and holidays.
  • The setting and specialty: nurses in the ITU or emergency department are paid at a higher rate than in general settings
  • The location of the Trust: inner London pays more than outer London or other areas of the country
  • Type of client: NHS or private health care
  • Payment type: PAYE, umbrella company, or limited company

3. What payroll options are available for agency nurses?

Among the payroll options available to nursing agencies are PAYE (Pay as you earn) which is direct with the employee. On the other hand, intermediaries are known as umbrella companies receive the payment, deduct the taxes, and pay the employee. Finally, there is also the possibility of using a limited partnership which would be a personal service company.

Before choosing which payment option is best for you, you need to know how each of them works. First, those that do not involve an external agent

3.1 What is PAYE?

PAYE, which stands for Pay as Earned, is an income-based tax that your employer deducts from your paycheck. In a nursing job, it is important to receive payments on your own and complies with contracts. For substitute nurses, your employer may be an agency, an umbrella company, or your own limited company.

3.2 What is a limited society?

You can create an LLC because sometimes you can have a more tax-efficient method through which some institutional nurses work and get paid. It is sometimes called a PSC (personal service company).

Owners of LLCs can divide their income into salaries and dividends, which means that a portion of their gross income may not be affected by certain taxes.

3.3 What is an umbrella company?

An umbrella company is a company that acts as an employer on behalf of temporary workers (often called “contractors”). As an employer, the umbrella company is ultimately responsible for paying the workers’ wages, taking into account any necessary deductions (as well as taxes, national insurance, student loan repayments, etc.), as well as processing timesheets and invoices.

The rise of nursing umbrella agencies is partly because some agencies no longer want to pay themselves, and partly because some umbrella companies offer models that do not apply deductions for state insurance and standard PAYE income tax, increasing the number of workers’ net salaries.

4. Which is the best payroll option in Dubai?

In Dubai when choosing a payroll option, you should take into account more than the tax payments. Would be the legal terms and licenses to work, since we know Dubai is very accessible in terms of tax payments.

Independent healthcare industry recruitment in the UAE is not straightforward. You have immigration issues, tax difficulties, and mountains of complex administrative work. Worse, missteps can cost you a lot of money or even cause legal problems.

This is why an umbrella company would be very useful in that case if you need help with that.

5. What taxes do you have to pay in Dubai?

agency nurses

If you go to Dubai you will have an advantage because of the total absence of direct taxes and the presence of a limited indirect tax. However, there you will find a latent tax system, which is described below.

The UAE has specific wage and tax regulations, depending on whether your company employs foreign or local nationals. Generally speaking, there are few corporate tax issues in the UAE, as there is no personal income tax for employees, social security for expatriates, payroll tax, statutory pension contributions for expatriates, and withholding tax.

5.1 Corporate tax

If you are in the UAE, you will only pay taxes in certain industries. The tax rates are as follows:

  • The progressive rate of up to 55% for oil and gas companies.
  • Rate up to 20% for foreign bank branches.
  • No 0% income tax for all other enterprises and businesses.
  • Therefore, the Dubai company tax rate will generally be 0%.

To enjoy the total absence of taxes and to be able to declare to foreign tax authorities that your company is a Dubai company, it is necessary to obtain a tax residency certificate.

Although the Emirati legislation has no articles regarding the tax residency of companies, the Ministry of Finance issues tax residency certificates under certain circumstances.

In addition, what you need is that your company is incorporated under the laws of the Emirates. It must also be domiciled in the Emirates and have resident directors.

5.2 Personal income tax

in Dubai there is no personal income tax and no law regulating it, therefore an individual residing in Dubai will not be taxed on his personal income. As there is no law, there is no concept of tax residency, so until recently the Emirati Ministry of Finance did not issue tax residency certificates.

This fact used to mean that anyone relocating there could not prove their tax domicile, as the only certificate that is given is the citizen’s certificate of residence. Fortunately, the Ministry of Finance now issues tax residency certificates to individuals who can prove that they have resided for more than 183 days in Dubai during a tax year.

6. How to choose a nursing agency?

If you are a nurse looking for a job or if you need to hire services. You should read these tips for choosing a professional agency, start asking these questions

  • How do you recruit and train your staff?

In medical jobs, it is important to take the time to ask the agency how they recruit and they can share a step-by-step process. And, it is important to verify credentials and work experience. You can find out about the experience healthcare jobs offer here.

  • Do they have care plans for different patients?

All patients are different and everyone must have a personalized care plan to ensure quality care. It is also important to see how they implement technology in healthcare, which is currently improving the entire field.

  • What activities do the staff perform?

Knowing what activities, the staff does is extremely important, remember that you are contracting a nursing and home care service. Knowing the differences between a caregiver, aide, and nurse is very important in the health industry.

  • Do they have references from past clients?

Asking about their metrics of hours performed, patients seen and services performed can be very helpful.

  • What payment methods and facilities do they have?

It is important to know the methods and facilities of payment if they have installments, or what different forms of payment they accept.

7. How can this company help you find out more information about what are the payroll options for a nursing agency?

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