What is the most searched healthcare job in the UAE?

Search engines can say a lot about the common interests of people within a region or the entire world. Today, the medical sector has the highest demand in contrast with other sectors. When we take a look at these results, we can determine some of the most searched jobs in the UAE, along with the ones that follow it.

In this article, you will learn what jobs are being searched for the most in the UAE. We will also mention some best-paid healthcare jobs, as well as where to find job vacancies in the healthcare field and more.

1. The high demand for healthcare workers in the UAE

2. What are some of the most searched jobs in the medical field?

3. What are the salaries of the most searched healthcare jobs?

4. Where to find job vacancies in the medical sector?

5. How can we help you obtain more information about the most searched healthcare jobs in the UAE?

1. The high demand for healthcare workers in the UAE

There is a variety of factors for the medical sector to have the high demand we are seeing today. Medical professionals normally enjoy some benefits such as job security, insurance policies, and good salaries. However, these benefits are rooted in the non-stopping growth of the healthcare industry.

When we discuss these aspects, things like the presence of technology in healthcare and increased financial investments come to the surface. Also, it is worth mentioning the impact of the recent coronavirus pandemic, as it has created a necessity for medical staff to cover the elevated demand at hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Healthcare jobs are not about to see a decrease in demand in the upcoming years. In a society with a higher life expectancy, as more people reach retirement age, more primary care doctors are needed. As a consequence, new positions such as nursing jobs are constantly opening, not to mention geriatricians and many others.

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Without a doubt, this combination of reasons is generating a massive expansion of the medical field. This is why many people are choosing to pursue healthcare careers. When looking for jobs in a market with such high demand, professionals are freer to decide the jobs they want to take. Usually, this leads to more job satisfaction and happiness overall.

2. What are some of the most searched jobs in the medical field?

In the United Arab Emirates, the increase in the demand for medical laborers is not an exception. Each day, more people who hold a degree in medical careers are looking for job opportunities. Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to find job vacancy announcements is through the internet. Search engines like Google let us see what the most searched jobs within a region are.

These results are evidence of the great amounts of people looking for available positions within the same sectors. However, regardless of the high number of qualified professionals applying for those jobs, the current shortages of medical personnel translate into constant employment opportunities for every medical specialist.

2.1. Healthcare Administrator

The most popular search engine in the world shows that health administration jobs are at the top of this list. The role these professionals carry out often happens behind the scenes. They are in charge of making decisions for the medical organization/institution, dealing with budgets, solving problems, and guaranteeing the security and well-being of medical staff and guests.

In health administration jobs, professionals must have a deep understanding of the regulations about patient care. In contrast with the responsibilities of a doctor, their main duty is to supervise the institution’s regular activities, and they normally hold a degree in medical careers such as healthcare administration.

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Some may be responsible for the management of an entire healthcare center, while others can be focused on a single department. Despite this, all of them must know the law in order to ensure it is being followed correctly. Healthcare administrators play a vital part in the proper and efficient functioning of medical facilities.

Because of the unceasing need for medical institutions, from hospitals to clinics, healthcare administration jobs are essential and thus, highly demanded. The employment stability provided by these careers is superior to many other sectors. This is why their position, along with the following, is among the most searched jobs in the UAE.

2.2. Healthcare Assistant

According to Google, healthcare assistant jobs take second place in the list. These specialists perform a variety of tasks within a hospital facility, like ensuring the comfort of their patients. Some of their duties include basic things like monitoring temperature and blood pressure. Also, maintaining departments and equipment clean, and helping patients with their daily activities if they have limited mobility.

Regarding this position, the previously mentioned search engine displays it among the most searched jobs in the Emirates. This means that many individuals in the region are interested in this type of occupation. People looking for healthcare assistant jobs must appreciate social interaction, as their job often consists in listening and speaking to patients and family members.

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Also called nursing assistant, this job can be the first step towards becoming a qualified nurse, as continuing education is available for those who want to pursue these medical careers. It is important to note that previous experience in this field is preferred, but not required. Also, the individual must be physically capable of lifting patients if needed.

2.3. Medical Receptionist

Talking about healthcare careers, the third position of the most searched jobs on Google goes to medical receptionists. These experts have a key role within a healthcare facility. From scheduling appointments to filling out dozens of forms and also delivering information, medical receptionists have an active type of job.

In essence, individuals within this area of occupation are responsible for the trouble-free functioning of the entire medical institution. Some tasks for this role include greeting and welcoming patients and other visitors, as well as answering calls and messages. They also must process bills and payments, send and receive faxes, emails, and documents.

Medical receptionists help coordinate the day-to-day administrative tasks of doctors and medical staff at a healthcare institution. They are prepared to handle a range of emergencies and maintain strong confidentiality with their superiors.

As a matter of fact, medical careers are considered some of the busiest, and medical receptionists are not the exception. They play an important part in the healthcare facility, doing several tasks and in general terms, making sure a hospital is running smoothly. There is no doubt that these professionals are essential and belong to the most searched jobs list in healthcare.

2.4. Medical Sales Representative

Medical Sales Representatives occupy fourth place in the list of healthcare’s most searched jobs in the UAE. This person creates a linkage between healthcare companies and medical-field workers who use their goods. The sales representative is the primary point of contact between both parties.

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In other words, these professionals act as negotiators between end-users and manufacturers or distributors. They present products to customers and encourage them to buy them, describing why they are convenient and what are their benefits. Sales representatives are expected to develop professional relationships with consumers in order to achieve sales objectives.

Medical sales jobs focus on the advertisement and selling of products of a medical company. These can include medical equipment or pharmaceuticals. Additionally, they must understand even the smallest details of a product to answer the customer’s questions and provide advice.

While having followed a healthcare career can increase the odds of getting this position, most sales representatives do not necessarily hold a degree in this field. This aspect can increase the number of professionals applying for the position. Therefore, this career has been taken to the most searched jobs in the UAE based on Google search results.

3. What are the salaries of the most searched healthcare jobs?

Certainly, the current high demand for medical careers has a heavy influence on the salaries of healthcare professionals. The growth of this field is not expected to stop in the years to come. Salaries for positions such as healthcare administrator, healthcare assistant, medical receptionist, or medical sales representative can be very diverse and work experience is a key factor.

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Healthcare administrators can expect an average income of AED 9,600 per year. This number is often determined by the amount of experience of the individual. In contrast, healthcare assistants have an average salary of AED 3,500 per month in the United Arab Emirates. This figure can change depending on location as well.

Also, a medical receptionist in the UAE can earn between AED 3,900 and 7,500 per month. As stated before, experience is a vital aspect of this. Last but not least, medical sales representatives have wages of around AED 6,200 in accordance with the 48 salaries reported.

It is not a secret that healthcare careers are in good demand nowadays. The ongoing sanitary crisis that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought is perhaps the main reason. Healthcare facilities are in constant need of medical staff to cover these empty positions. Hence, jobs within this field often promise good salaries and great job stability.

4. Where to find job vacancies in the medical sector?

There are various ways for medical professionals to find jobs in the healthcare field. If we take a look at the most searched jobs in the UAE, we can notice a great number of people make use of the internet to seek these employment opportunities. However, certain websites make this task even easier for you. One of these specialized sites is Connect Health.

This platform creates a linkage between professionals from the healthcare sector and companies that are hiring. This way, people no longer have to do unfruitful internet searches that lead to unsuccessful job applications. In spite of that, it is strongly advised that medical professionals perform deep research on the healthcare careers they are interested in, to apply for the right jobs.

Also, they must consider the legal regulations of the country or state in which they intend to work. In the United Arab Emirates, having a license and certification is a strict requirement. Besides, employers usually prefer to hire people who are already located within the UAE, though this is not determinant.

In conclusion, medical professionals have many ways to find job vacancies, but some can be tedious and take too much time. When an individual applies for a job position, they have to be sure about the duties they will be carrying out and how the role matches their qualifications and even personality.

5. How can we help you obtain more information about the most searched healthcare jobs in the UAE?

If questions such as “where can I find health administration jobs?” have ever crossed your mind, our site is designed to help you. Connect Health aides thousands of people through the process of finding a job in the UAE within the medical field. Because of the access to technological resources we have today, people can start applying for jobs from the comfort of their homes.

Creating new connections, this website brings healthcare professionals and employers together. Both candidates and recruiters can create an account and start looking for the individuals or companies that better suit their expectations. Besides, this platform offers its users a customer service hotline to answer all their questions and guide them through the process.

Would you like to contact Connect Health to obtain more information about the most searched healthcare jobs in the UAE? If you have any inquiries, you can contact us on +971433166. Also, you can email us at info@connecthealth.ae, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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