What is the best way for a pediatrician to find a job in the UAE?

Pediatricians are a vital part of the medical field. Their profession focuses on taking care of children and adolescents’ physical and mental state from before being born until they are 18 to 21 years old. Pediatrician jobs can be found in several ways, such as recruitment agencies or online platforms.

In this article, you will learn the best ways for a pediatrician to find a job in the UAE. We will discuss topics like the job of a pediatrician, the benefits of being a pediatrician, some subspecialties within the field, and how can these professionals find a job, among other questions.

1. What is the job of a pediatrician?

2. What are some benefits of being a pediatrician?

3. Which subspecialties are there for pediatricians?

4. How can a pediatrician find a job in the UAE?

5. What to consider before applying for a pediatrician job?

6. How can this company help you obtain more information on the best way for a pediatrician to find a job in the UAE?

1. What is the job of a pediatrician?

A pediatrician is a doctor who monitors and looks after the physical and mental health of children. These children’s ages go from birth to age 18. Pediatricians jobs are primarily about the diagnose and treatment of an extensive variety of childhood diseases and illnesses. Also, they give suggested immunizations and other preventive treatments.

The importance of a pediatric specialist in a child’s life revolves around preventive care. For instance, their role has helped lower children’s death rates. The avoidance of health conditions caused by poor or incorrect treatments is one of the aspects in which a pediatrician’s job has heavily impacted the medical field.

After having graduated from medical school, pediatricians culminate a mandatory 3-year residency program. They perform physical exams on children, monitor their development, and treat health conditions. These healthcare professionals need to constantly meet education requirements in order to remain licensed. A pediatrician is certified to refer to a specialist in case the infant needs treatment beyond their expertise.

In general, a pediatrician’s job is to examine and constantly evaluate a child or teenager’s health state. These experts can also provide advice and guidance concerning children’s diets, proper hygiene, and safety. Since pediatrics is an extensive field, students can choose between certain specializations and strengthen their medicine path.

2. What are some benefits of being a pediatrician?

Due to the nature of their career, pediatrician jobs can be immensely rewarding and gratifying. Also, due to the current shortage of pediatricians, they have highly-demanded jobs. Those who pursue a career in pediatrics usually enjoy more job flexibility compared to other sectors. One recent survey found that 85 percent of the polled pediatricians were happy with their career choices.

When we talk about the benefits of being a pediatrician, it is worth mentioning the working schedules. Another survey found that ¼ of pediatricians work part-time shifts. These specialists are capable of finding health care jobs in several settings. If we mention some of them, we can find private or group practice, universities, medical hospitals, and residential care and health care centers.

Pediatric specialists are some of the main healthcare professionals who constantly promote immunizations. Therefore, a part of their job is to help raise awareness of the importance of vaccines and preventive care. This role is vital to stop the spread of many childhood diseases affecting thousands of children around the world.

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Another good aspect of being a pediatrician is having different types of health insurance, paid time off, and enjoying retirement benefits. Also, professionals who take satisfaction in helping children are likely to have a preference for pediatrician jobs. They can develop strong bonds with their patients, as they will see them grow from childhood into adulthood.

3. Which subspecialties are there for pediatricians?

Health care jobs can be enjoyable and also a challenge. This extensive sector offers diverse options for medical professionals to choose from. Following their 3-year residency in pediatrics, they can train for a subspecialty in a fellowship program. Subspecialties in pediatrics focus on the different needs of children and their particularities, from developmental to conditions and diseases.

The specialized care given by pediatric professionals has proven a decrease in the duration of hospital stays. Also, it has reduced readmissions and consequently, costs as well. Research has demonstrated great improvements in chances of survival and quality of life for patients with chronic, serious, or rare illnesses.

3.1. Adolescent Health Specialists

An adolescent health specialist monitors and takes care of teens between ages 11 to 21. Pediatrician jobs focus on helping adolescents with behavioral, emotional, and physical needs. Specialists in this field are trained to treat a variety of life-threatening conditions, and can confidentially diagnose and treat a variety of conditions such as reproductive and mental health issues.

These days, young adults deal with a lot of academic and social pressure. This makes them vulnerable to many problems and health issues. Among these, we find growth and development conditions, attention and learning concerns, substance use and abuse, poor nutrition and obesity, skin conditions such as acne, eating disorders, etc.

These days, young adults deal with a lot of academic and social pressure. This makes them vulnerable to many different problems and health issues. Among these, we find growth and development conditions, attention and learning problems, substance use and abuse, poor nutrition and obesity, skin conditions such as acne, eating disorders, etc.

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Adolescent health specialists also perform physical exams for driver’s licenses, treat conditions like scoliosis, asthma, headaches, diabetes, depression, self-esteem and stress, and gynecologic or reproductive health problems. In general terms, these specialists assist young patients in a wide range of acute or chronic illnesses.

3.2. Pediatric Allergists or Immunologists

Young children and teenagers often experience some health conditions related to the immune system. When an individual has an allergy, this can mean that their immunologic system is wrongly reacting to harmless things. For example, these things could be pollen, food, dust, or the bite of an insect. A bad reaction from the immune system can lead to health issues like asthma, eczema, sinusitis, among many others.

The main purpose of a pediatric allergist is to provide relief to the kid. They achieve this by performing specialized testing, like scratch tests, to diagnose the allergies the patient may have. Therefore, the doctor can decide the most adequate treatment. Most of the time, these treatments imply the avoidance of things that trigger the allergic reaction, immunotherapy, or the prescription of a certain medication.

3.3. Pediatric Cardiologists

These specialists diagnose and treat children and young adults with heart diseases and conditions. In order to give an accurate diagnosis, pediatric cardiologists work along with other specialists, like electrophysiologists, anesthesiologists, dieticians, among others. They create and design personalized treatment plans for each case.

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A pediatric cardiologist works with patients before their birth, through childhood until they reach adulthood. There is a wide spectrum of heart conditions that they can treat. Some of them can include arrhythmia, congenital heart disease, cardiac failure, or circulatory disturbances. In patients who may require surgery, pediatric cardiologists and surgeons work closely to determine the most adequate treatments.

4. How can a pediatrician find a job in the UAE?

In order to cover an unprecedented high demand for medical professionals, healthcare workers are needed everywhere. This situation is currently affecting all health care jobs amid the ongoing global sanitary crisis. Regarding positions like pediatrician jobs, many countries are facing shortages of these specialists, making it a heavily demanded job and thus, a great option for those considering pursuing this career.

However, when professionals are searching for health jobs, it can be a challenging task without the right tools. There are many options for medical-field specialists to seek employment. Additionally, the increasing presence of technology in the medical sector continues to create new ways to connect. One of the easiest ways to find a job in healthcare is through Connect Health.

This online platform offers its users an easy and accessible job-seeking experience within the healthcare sector. Medical-field candidates can sign up, set up their profiles, and start applying to the best health jobs available. It is important to consider that employers often prefer professionals who are already located in the UAE. Besides, proper licensing is a must.

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Because of their life-saving nature, the growing elderly population, the new technological developments, and more, healthcare careers are now among the most demanded in the world. When it comes to this topic, the Emirates are not an exception. For this reason, a good deal of health job vacancies is open on employment platforms such as Connect Health.

5. What to consider before applying for a pediatrician job?

Even though there is a great demand for medical specialists, many individuals may struggle to get hired at clinics or hospital facilities. Those looking for pediatrician jobs are not an exception. Holding a license is a strict requirement in the UAE, but this does not mean it is the only aspect to consider. There are a few things to take into account when you apply for health care jobs in general.

It is a common recommendation to do good research before applying for the position. Take a look at the benefits, pros, cons, and average salaries of the job you are considering applying for. When you list your CV online, you may receive a lot of emails and calls from hiring managers. To land a position that fills your expectations, you must make sure that you applied for the right health jobs.

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Another suggestion is to consider starting at entry-level. A healthcare professional may have great work experience in pediatrician jobs. Nonetheless, many medical institutions prefer new workers to begin at entry-level, as they like to observe the new member’s skill set closely before. Being able to apply for higher positions can only be accomplished by working in entry-level positions for an amount of time.

Last but not least, verify that your resume is updated and clean. When you list your CV on healthcare job platforms such as Connect Health, it may receive attention and exposure. Despite this, if it is not up-to-date, things may not go well, as you could miss good employment opportunities. Consider maintaining your resume in a professional tone and always updated.

6. How can this company help you obtain more information on the best way for a pediatrician to find a job in the UAE?

If you have asked questions like “how can I find pediatrician jobs in the UAE?” and could not find a satisfying answer, our company can guide you through the entire process. Connect Health is a healthcare-oriented site that links medical professionals from any area of specialization with the right employers. With our services, you are guaranteed a simpler job-seeking process that adapts to your needs.

Also, we provide our users with a customer support hotline to answer their questions. As a result, hundreds of nurses, surgeons, hospital administrators, and many others can find the best job opportunities available in the United Arab Emirates. On the other hand, if you are an employer looking forward to recruiting medical personnel, our site is designed for you too.

Connect Health is actively supporting healthcare professionals who reside in the UAE. While it creates connections between employers and employees, it is also helping strengthen the local medical industry. For this reason, our platform is your best choice when it comes to pediatrician and healthcare jobs, recruiting, and more.

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