What are the most in-demand healthcare jobs?

In general terms, the entire healthcare sector is currently the most important worldwide. The medical profession provides a great number of benefits such as highly demanded job positions, job availability, and attractive salaries for many areas of specialization. This is the reason why many consider that the best jobs today are found within this field.

In this article, you will be learning everything you must know about the most required healthcare positions. We are going to discuss why healthcare jobs are on the rise, the benefits of this high demand, some of the most in-demand professions, among other topics.

1. What type of jobs are available in the medical field?

2. Why are healthcare jobs on the rise?

3. Benefits of healthcare being a highly demanded sector

4. What are some of the most demanded medical-oriented jobs?

5. What healthcare jobs work the most hours?

6. How to find a job in the healthcare sector within the UAE?

7. Future projections for healthcare jobs

8. How can this company help you obtain more information about the most in-demand healthcare jobs?

1. What type of jobs are available in the medical field?

Traditional medical jobs include public health nursing jobs, nurse anesthesiologists, nurse midwives, and clinical nurse specialists. These professionals are on-demand and will continue to be, as the world needs medical workers to handle the coronavirus pandemic. Other types of medical careers include veterinarian and forensic medicine, dentistry, psychology and psychiatry, pharmacy, and medical research.

The popularity of jobs like physician assistants is also becoming bigger. Also called PA, this career functions in all areas of medicine, such as emergency and family medicine or psychiatry. These healthcare laborers team up with physicians, surgeons, and other professionals of the field in the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of patients.

Health informatics jobs play an essential role in the medical field. The increasing presence of technology within the sector continues to promote the growth of this area of occupation. Their job consists of gathering and maintaining all types of data on diseases, community health, and patients. Medical records jobs, as well as billing and coding also perform a vital function in the healthcare sector.

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Meanwhile, medical technician jobs involve more contact with patients. In this sector, professionals must perform particular duties in very specific manners, or carry out diagnostic tests. Among these types of medical positions, we can find emergency medical technicians, nuclear medicine technologists, and diagnostic sonographers.

2. Why are healthcare jobs on the rise?

As a matter of fact, the most in-demand area of occupation today is the medical field. Despite volatile job markets, economic recessions, and even global pandemics, the medical sector keeps growing and expanding. Because of this constant expansion, this field expects to create more employment than any other area of occupation.

The need for healthcare professionals is rapidly becoming bigger, and this can be attributed to a combination of reasons. One of them is, indeed, the shortage of medical professionals. On the other hand, the coronavirus pandemic has created a global need for healthcare laborers to help fight the disease and treat infected patients.

Moreover, as more older people reach retirement age, we will continue to see an even greater demand for medical attention. This action will impact the entire field, but more especially certain professions such as nurse practitioners, home care assistants, and occupational therapy assistants. Another fast-growing occupation that is not close to decreasing its high demand is physician assistant jobs.

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Medical advances can also be blamed for the rapid growth of the medical industry. New developments and technologies are currently creating more career openings and thus, job opportunities. Regarding healthcare management specialists, experts in this sector can expect to have plenty of employment possibilities.

3. Benefits of healthcare being a highly demanded sector

The most beneficial aspects of working in highly demanded fields are usually job security and great salaries. In the medical field, these positive consequences are more abundant due to the essential nature of this sector. As we have pointed out, the global COVID-19 pandemic has occasioned a huge impact on healthcare, leading to increased job availability for medical specialists.

When working in a field with endless opportunities in the labor market, medical professionals enjoy the freedom of working in the country, state, or city of their preference, since they are equally necessary despite where they are located. When pursuing a medical career, future professionals can feel secure about finding a job in their area of specialty.

Life-saving skills are invaluable, this is the most important reason for the high salaries that medical workers obtain. In the UAE, for example, a surgeon can receive an income of around AED 40,000 to AED 100,000 per month, making it the best-paid healthcare job. Although many factors can vary, all medical professionals receive proper wages in exchange for their talents in most developed countries.

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It is important to consider that when working in the medical field, a sector that involves high ethics and responsibility, great demand often means long work shifts. Whether it is due to the hospital being understaffed in the middle of a general emergency, or to a long surgical procedure, this area of occupation requires professionals to prioritize the lives of their patients.

4. What are some of the most demanded medical-oriented jobs?

Nurse practitioners are heading the list of the most in-demand professions in the UAE. Experienced and qualified professionals with intensive care unit knowledge are among the most sought-after. There is great demand for workers in this area, especially for those already located in the Emirates. An inexperienced nurse can expect an income that ranges between AED 3,500 and AED 4,000.

On the other hand, a nurse with experience can normally aspire to receive AED 6,000 at maximum. This is also subject to their specialty. For example, a theatre nurse can receive up to AED 12,000 in larger hospitals. Experience is essential regarding these positions; most employers are looking to hire capable professionals with a minimum of one year of experience.

The second most in-demand job is the laboratory technician position. In this case, they need two years of experience at minimum to qualify. Salaries for this sector have increased as well, on a scale of 20 to 50 percent from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. These professionals can expect to see an average income of AED 11,000 in the UAE.

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Another profession on the rise since the COVID-19 outbreak is the general practitioner job. Among all physician positions, these healthcare professionals are witnessing an increase in the demand for their services. In the UAE, this applies especially to those with at least five years of experience. General practitioners working in the Emirates can make a monthly salary of AED 11,200 on average.

5. What healthcare jobs work the most hours?

Most medical-oriented jobs, especially those involving direct contact with patients, can translate into very long shifts as well. When we mention the area of specialization that works the longest hours in healthcare, surgeons top this list. Repairing body systems, removing afflicted organs and tissue, or performing transplants, the surgeon profession requires more time and effort than any other medical career.

On average, a surgeon can work from 50 to 60 hours a week. These experts perform surgeries on humans or animals (for those specialized in veterinary medicine) diagnosing and repairing internal conditions. In addition to its high demand and the great educational investment, surgeons are among the best-paid healthcare laborers due to the long hours they are required to work.

Nevertheless, it is common for hospitals or clinics to not allow surgeons to work over 80 hours a week. This is a safety measure to preserve their health and well-being.

6. How to find a job in the healthcare sector within the UAE?

In the matter of job searching, there are a lot of options medical professionals can try. These normally consist of going out, dropping resumes, waiting for recruiters to evaluate your application, expecting calls, and attending interviews. Nonetheless, this requires an investment of time and effort to a certain degree, it is not always successful.

While these options can be effective, finding the right employer is not an easy task. However, technology has created many possibilities in the healthcare field. Through the internet, you can find endless solutions for almost anything, including job seeking and hiring processes.

One of the easiest ways to get in contact with employers looking for new talents is Connect Health. This online platform creates links between recruiters and healthcare professionals who want to share their skills and knowledge in the Emirates, shortening and simplifying their search. With just a few clicks, you will find the job you have been hoping for.

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It is worth pointing out that most employers prefer workers who are already located in the UAE and having proper licensing is a must. If you fit these requirements, many employers are waiting for you in Connect Health. Technology brings us together, while job hunting is often considered a tedious activity, it no longer is, thanks to these developments.

7. Future projections for healthcare jobs

With the current advances in wearable tech and remote monitoring, aside from regular patient records, there is going to be more emphasis on collecting large numbers of data and information. This will be beneficial for a more patient-focused, personalized attention where treatment is no longer generalized, but individually designed.

As life expectancy becomes greater, medical professionals must look after an aging population. Besides, working on the technological transformation of healthcare will offer some of the best-paid jobs during the next ten years, as hundreds of new positions emerge. This is due to the permanent evolution of the medical sector, which goes hand-to-hand with technological advancements.

The world expects to see control over illnesses that are today considered incurable, like lung cancer, as immunotherapy advances. This will avoid the use of more invasive treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery. However, these high-risk procedures are on their way to becoming more targeted and less damaging through the use of, for example, nanotechnology.

To keep up with all the new developments coming this decade, workers will need more education and probably have to refresh the knowledge they already had for certain procedures. Besides, with the new careers openings that technology will bring, the medical education sector will see some important changes, and a great amount of training will be essential.

8. How can this company help you obtain more information about the most in-demand healthcare jobs?

Connect Health is a UAE-based company that promotes easier recruitment processes by creating links between employers or business owners and healthcare workers. At the same time, it contributes to the growth of the medical field in the Emirates, as it helps healthcare companies never face a shortage of medical staff. This way, recruiters can find the best-qualified professionals within hours.

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This platform guarantees an easy job-hunting process for individuals who do not know where to get started. If you are one or have been thinking about how to find legit open positions in the healthcare field, this company will help you connect with the employers that best match your professional requirements.

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