Requirements for doctor jobs in Dubai

Have you ever thought about working abroad and considered Dubai your next destination? The UAE has been growing in many industries, especially in the healthcare industry. As a result, it has become the number one destination of thousands of job seekers in the medical field around the world, particularly doctor jobs.

Health care in the UAE has been developing on a large scale in recent years. Therefore, it makes working as a doctor in Dubai even more attractive. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), The United Arab Emirates ranks number 27 in the World Health System Ranking. Today it has 40 public hospitals thanks to the multimillion-dollar program by the Ministry of Health to expand hospitals and facilities.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the requirements for doctor jobs in Dubai. Let’s observe:

1. How to become a doctor?

2. What should you consider before trying to become a doctor?

3. What are the advantages of being a doctor in Dubai?

4. What are the types of contracts for doctors in Dubai? 

5. Considerations for contract negotiations

6. How can Connect Health help you to find doctor jobs in Dubai?

1. How to become a doctor?

It requires a lot of effort and time to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to practice medicine. Therefore, it is crucial to research and understand the training process before taking the big step. Here is some information on how aspiring physicians prepare for their careers:

Explore different options

If you are young and dream of becoming a doctor, then you should do some deep research about this profession before embarking on this tough career path. Aspirant physicians can do this by conducting informational interviews with doctors or other professionals in the health care field to gain some clinical experience. This way, they can see whether they would enjoy the practice of medicine or not.

Aspirants can take science classes to determine their affinity for more technical fields of study. Keep in mind that some experts say these disciplines are not for everybody.  In addition, college hopefuls should look for undergraduate institutions with significant student research options and high-quality premedical student advisers.

High school juniors and seniors who are contemplating a career in medicine should investigate different programs that will allow them to get both a college degree and a medical degree. According to experts, this usually takes about seven years.

Earn good grades by taking premed classes

Due to the academic prerequisites of medical schools, applicants must turn to their academic adviser to make sure they take all of the undergraduate courses. Those who discover their passion to become a doctor after getting their college degree can opt to join a premedical program. This way, they can complete all of the premed classes without problems.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that as a premed student, you should overload yourself with many difficult classes in one semester. You just have to take challenging classes as a general rule. A solid academic performance is crucial among competitive med school applicants.

Participation in meaningful extracurricular activities

It doesn’t matter if you are having great performance in your grades. You won’t be noticed and admitted into top medical schools if you don’t do something extra. Hence, prospective med students must do something besides study.

However, it is more important the quality of your performance on those activities than the number of activities and hours you invest in them. Also, working as a medical scribe or a medical assistant can be viewed positively in the admissions process.

In addition, admissions officers say that non-medical activities such as music or sports are a plus since they make the applicant appear to be an interesting person.

Experts say it is ok to take a break between college and medical school. Considering that extra time can allow premeds to gain more clinical experience and additional research than they could get as undergraduates.

Send applications to multiple medical schools

Remember that most medical schools have very lofty standards. Therefore, you must take extreme care when crafting your personal statement and drafting application essays. Due to the low acceptance rates in most medical schools, you should consider applying to many different schools.   

Choose the right type of medical school for you

You can choose to attend either a school that focuses on primary care or a research-oriented academic institution. Make sure to attend a medical school that suits your needs.

Apply for a residency program    

Generally, fourth-year medical students can apply for a medical specialty of their preference. There are medical specialties that are highly competitive, such as orthopedic surgery, so most of the time, only the highest-achieving medical students can match.

Obtain your medical degree

Once you graduate from school and obtain your medical degree, you are officially a doctor. However, it doesn’t end there. You have to complete a medical residency so you can practice medicine independently. Consequently, that leads us to the next step.

Get your medical license by stating your residency

The length of medical residencies can vary, generally ranging from three to seven years according to the specialty. These residencies allow medical school graduates the science of a particular field of medicine.

Obtain board certification within your medical specialty

After you have completed the necessary residency and fellowship training, you must pass the applicable board exam.  Once you have completed all of these steps you are ready to go and get started.

2. What should you consider before trying to become a doctor?

It takes many years to become a certified doctor; it is very naïve to pursue a career in the medical industry out of a desire for money or prestige. Since it is a demanding profession, it takes a lot of passion and determination to practice medicine, even once you become a doctor the struggle is not over yet.

Physicians often work at irregular hours, and that involves a lot of stress since there are numerous inconveniences in health care professions. However, something is gratifying about helping patients through dark times. Doctors say they feel gratification when they contribute to the well-being of others.  

3. What are the advantages of being a doctor in Dubai?

At this point, you are probably wondering why you should be a doctor specifically in Dubai. Well, Dubai has great doctor jobs opportunities for doctors at any stage of their career, offering a steady job outlook and high salaries. They will be able to settle down quickly in any area of Dubai.

Besides being one of the best cities that offer high-quality medical services, Dubai has many health care services. For instance doctor on call, since it is difficult for some people to look after their health during busy weeks. Hence, many residents in Dubai realize the importance of embracing doctor-on-call services to get treatment at the convenience of their homes.

High salaries

This is probably the most attractive element of becoming a doctor. However, keep in mind that junior doctors may not see a financial benefit. Remember that medicine requires many years of dedication and studying, but you will be rewarded with your earnings and quality of life.  The average salary for doctors in Dubai is AED 19,500 per month.

Positive impact

The ability to improve patients’ lives can be very rewarding and satisfying. As a doctor, you will get to see the impact of your work and benefit the people in the UAE. Sometimes you won’t see the results you expected, but remember that the work of a doctor is very valued in our society.

Job security

Doctors have a high graduate employment rate. They rarely struggle staying at one job for a long period.  Many professions have this challenge of staying relevant, but doctors don’t have to face this problem. People will always get sick and grow old, which means more work for doctors and medical staff.

Constant learning

Breakthroughs and new methods are constantly uncovered within the medical field. That means continual learning and developing knowledge as a doctor. You’ll enjoy this opportunity to expand your mind.

Earn trust and respect

You are in a position of authority as a doctor since people will respect your decisions and trust your opinions. As a result, this leads to feeling confident in your abilities, since you know you can have a positive influence on particular patients or current ways of working.

Medicine is a stimulating job

Doctors tend to find their days with interesting and engaging cases. Even though shifts are long, the work varies and tends to be unpredictable, especially in the field of emergency medicine. There are many different symptoms, conditions, and medicines to consider. It indeed gets very stressful sometimes, but you can put it this way, you will not have time to be bored.

Progression in your career

The good thing about studying medicine is that it opens different doors for you. If you try being a physician and determine it is not for you, your qualifications will allow you to try out other fields in medicine. For instance, you might have some interest in applying your experience and knowledge to other professions such as public health, public policy, or clinical research.

Have unique experience

Working as a doctor in one of the most radiant cities in the world such as Dubai is already a unique experience. However, helping those in need can also gain wonderful experiences. Not many have the privilege to experience the feeling of saving a person’s life or even receiving gratitude from their family members.    

4. What are the types of contracts for doctors in Dubai?  

You can find five main types of contracts for doctors. The benefits and structure of salary vary for each:

Full-time contract with allowances, fixed hours, and salary

The government or semi-government-funded institutions often offer this type of contract. There is not a performance-based incentive, but the doctor will have a lucrative salary and package with allowances for children’s education and accommodation. In addition, you can get yearly flights to visit your home country.

Full-time contract with extra performance-based and basic salary

This type of contract offers a lucrative basic salary with performance-based extra. It is usually offered by large private clinics and hospitals, however, most of the time it does not include allowances for children’s education or housing.

Revenue share model

Doctors who are well established built a solid patient base and referral network in the market. These doctors opt for a complete revenue share model without a basic salary since they earn more with this type of arrangement.

Community base doctor

To practice medicine in Dubai, physicians must have one full-time license under a clinic or hospital. After that, they can have up to two or three additional part-time licenses with other hospitals and clinics. However, this is only possible as long as the primary employer who is providing the full-time license gives the authorization to do so.

Visiting contract

Extremely well-accomplished doctors who have highly demanded specialties, or offer a specific niched skillset, can secure work on a visiting contract at a suitable hospital that has the appropriate facilities. Flights, hotel stays, and remuneration arrangements can vary. 

Generally, the facilities for all contracts cover the licensing and visa fees, provide doctor’s health insurance and malpractice insurance.

5. Considerations for contract negotiations

Benefits and salaries are different according to your qualifications, experience, specialty, and country of training. There are demand areas such as complex surgical specialties, elderly care, maternity, pediatrics, fertility, and diabetes care. Doctors who offer a new service will have a competitive advantage.

6. How can Connect Health help you to find doctor jobs in Dubai?

Now that you are inspired and know the basics, you can start searching for doctor jobs in Dubai. Fortunately, at Connect Health, we can help you throughout the process. Our organization connects thousands of medical professionals looking for doctor jobs with healthcare employers in Dubai, strengthening the UAE healthcare system and providing opportunities for competent workers.

Explore our page for job opportunities and boost your career. We make sure to assist health care professionals who are residing in the UAE and sharing their life-saving talents with communities.

Would you like to contact Connect Health to obtain more information about requirements for doctor jobs in Dubai? If you have any questions, call us on +971 433 16 6 08. You can email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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