How can I get medical jobs in Dubai (UAE)?

Dubai is a beautiful, highly-developed destination that attracts tourists, ex-pats, and investors from the entire world. Many people decide to move to this region given all the available job opportunities. As this wealthy emirate continues to invest and support all industries, more vacancies are opening. This is one of the reasons why medical jobs are currently on the rise.

In this article, you are going to learn everything about medical-oriented jobs in Dubai. We will evaluate the benefits of working in the medical sector and the most in-demand careers. Also, you will find out how to obtain a healthcare job in this Emirate.

  1. The benefits of having a job in healthcare
  2. What are some of the most demanded healthcare careers?
  3. The increase of job opportunities within the medical sector
  4. Who can apply for medical jobs in the UAE?
  5. How do healthcare professionals seek employment in the UAE?
  6. What should I know before applying for medical jobs?
  7. How can we help you obtain more information about medical jobs in Dubai?

1. The benefits of having a job in healthcare

The positive things about carrying degrees in medical careers are countless. Besides being qualified to help entire communities with their vital skills and knowledge, medical professionals enjoy diverse benefits. For this reason, each time more people decide to pursue this type of career. Among the main beneficial aspects of having a medical job, we can find:

  • Job security and stability: One of the greatest things about being a medical professional is the job security these careers offer. The current shortage of qualified personnel healthcare companies are facing is not seeing an end in the upcoming years. Many people choose to pursue a path that guarantees them constant opportunities, and medical field jobs are now leading this list.
  • Good salaries: Although there are several occupations and specializations in the medical sector with different salaries, these are often high. Some of the highest-paid professionals of all fields are surgeons and medical practitioners. With endless employment possibilities and a great income, there is no doubt why millions go after medical careers. However, this should not be the major motivation for individuals to pursue these careers.
  • Professional development opportunities: There are multiple growth opportunities available for both medical students and graduates. Not only can they choose between many different areas of specialization, but they can continue to extend their learning path. Also, with the new healthcare technologies, medical workers who want to become even more valued must keep up with them.

2. What are some of the most demanded healthcare careers?

As stated before, having a job in healthcare offers important benefits. The high demand for qualified professionals in this field has increased the number of possibilities for all medical laborers. Today, these careers are seeing an all-time-high demand. The reason behind this consists of several factors, including the ongoing Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, and a larger life expectancy.

Among the most demanded healthcare professions, we can find surgeons and medical practitioners. Not only are they at the top of the list regarding medical field jobs, but also all jobs in general. Because of the long academic path that surgeons must go through, not too many are willing to pursue these careers. As a consequence, there is a global shortage of these experts.

Right after them, we can find that nurse practitioners are also among the most sought-after medical specialists. In the UAE, the most demanded ones are those with ICU knowledge and experience. The coronavirus outbreak has caused a tremendous impact in this particular sector. Many vaccination centers are lacking medical staff to cover open positions, as well as intensive care units at healthcare facilities.

Laboratory technicians are third on this list. The current high demand for these professionals can also be a consequence of the global sanitary crisis. Healthcare companies and public institutions must ensure the well-being of their patients during these difficult times. These specialists are playing a crucial role in the fight against COVID, diagnosing, researching, and discovering new ways to end the spread of this disease.

3. The increase of job opportunities within the medical sector

The era of technology has brought massive changes to the medical industry. The creation of devices for easier management of healthcare facilities, along with advancements that improve the accuracy of diagnosis are some of the reasons for new job openings in the UAE. More than ever, the world requires specialized experts to manage, operate and maintain these technologies.

The medical sector is one of the fields with the most career openings over the last decade. Someone who owns a medical company must hire a professional to take care of the technological side of their business. This is due to the presence of complex machines and devices that require more than knowledge in medicine. Professionals such as Radiologic or Medical Records Technologists are among the ones covering those types of necessities.

On the other hand, factors like an increasing elderly population are also generating more employment opportunities regarding medical jobs. Because of the previously mentioned advancements, life expectancy is now higher than ever. Elders have access to a variety of medicines, therapies, and early diagnoses to help them live longer. For this reason, nurses and home care assistants are more required today.

To this day, the evolution of this industry is far from over. The number of advancements being currently developed or at a research stage is proof of this. With this constant expansion, there is no doubt that soon thousands of specialists will be needed to cover the demand. For this reason, medical careers are strongly considered the most secure option to enter the job market.

4. Who can apply for medical jobs in the UAE?

The UAE is a country with a majoritarian ex-pat population. In fact, 89% of the people living in Dubai are foreigners. Hence, the emirate offers many opportunities for professionals seeking employment in all fields. Motivated by the talents of professional individuals who visit this region, the government is issuing more work permits than ever.

In short, anyone with the proper qualifications can apply for a medical job in the Emirates. However, these professionals need to carry a license. This is an important step of this journey, as it is a strict official requirement. Once healthcare laborers have completed their licensing process in the UAE, they can begin applying for positions that best suit their experience and personality.

Those who are not yet in the UAE can also apply for jobs in the city of their preference. However, they must find an employer that will sponsor their permit. Even though most recruiters are looking for people already in the country, a strong CV can make health care providers stand out. For this reason, there are no limitations regarding who can opt for one of these positions.

There are many options in health care jobs in the UAE. Cities like Dubai have the highest employment rates. Annually, thousands of people carrying a degree in the medical field decide to move here given the number of opportunities. As the government continues to support foreigners seeking employment in this astounding destination, more people will apply for positions in their area of expertise.

5. How do healthcare professionals seek employment in the UAE?

If you have asked yourself “where can I find medical jobs near me?”, the answer is simple. Although there are many ways to look for open positions today, some can take more effort than others. Money is another important aspect that some of these activities can demand. For example, seeking jobs personally will require investing in flight tickets and accommodation for an indefinite period.

Despite the demand for professionals, it is not promised that their job hunt will be successful in the short term. This Is why most people are deciding to use specialized employment-seeking platforms to connect with recruiters before leaving their country. Not only will this guarantee that they begin working as soon as they arrive, but will help them save money.

Nonetheless, these options are also available for those who have already moved to Dubai. Being located in the Emirate is often preferred by recruiters, as they can attend personal interviews and more. In consequence, they can apply for a wider range of positions, selecting the one that matches their expertise and lifestyle.

One of the leading platforms for healthcare-focused job seeking and recruiting in Dubai is Connect Health. This online service offers its users a broad spectrum of health care job options to start applying for. At the same time, it helps HR managers find medical personnel to cover the empty positions at their institutions.

6. What should I know before applying for medical jobs?

The medical sector plays an essential role within society. Because of this, recruiters must be strict regarding the required qualifications to hire healthcare professionals. It is also important for them to analyze all the small details on the applications they receive. All this process guarantees that the recruited individuals will fulfill all the company or institution’s expectations.

When you intend to apply for a position in this sector, you must consider certain aspects. For example, it has been proven that having a well-presented CV can increase your odds of being recruited. Also, keeping it constantly up-to-date is critical. Having an outdated resume that does not completely portray your skills can leave you out of the candidate list.

Another thing to keep in mind when searching for jobs is the type of positions you apply for. HR managers tend to select professionals that fit a determined profile. For instance, a position that requires permanent contact with patients should be filled by someone with strong social abilities. This ensures the satisfaction of both the company and the recruited professional.

Ultimately, individuals applying for a position in healthcare must know and understand all the job-related implications. As previously stated, all jobs imply duties that the person carrying them out should relate with. In other words, you must make sure that you are applying for a role that you are happy to take. This helps avoid wasting time (for both the HR manager and the prospective employee) on unfruitful interviews.

7. How can we help you obtain more information about medical jobs in Dubai?

Connect Health is among the main platforms for employment-seeking in the UAE. If you have ever searched“ jobs in health care near me?” this site offers a solution. In our platform, medical field experts can browse a variety of jobs for each area of specialization. This allows them to evaluate between many options and go after the ones that adapt to them the most.

With our services, healthcare experts have the freedom of applying for diverse positions from the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, employers can easily find qualified professionals to cover several positions at their company or healthcare facility. This way both parties can connect without wasting time or effort during the process.

Additionally, Connect Health provides its clients with a 24-hour active customer support hotline to assist them with any inconvenience. Today, finding the job of your dreams is easier than ever because of these platforms. Regardless of your area of expertise, there is an available position for you in Dubai. You can create an account on our website and start looking at options as soon as now.

Feel free to contact Connect Health to obtain more information about obtaining a medical-oriented job in Dubai. If you have any questions, please contact us on +971433166. Besides, you can send us an e-mail at, and one of our representatives will answer all your inquiries.

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