Finding nursing jobs in Dubai

Through the years, Dubai has shown tremendous growth in many industries. It has become one of the top destinations for job seekers around the globe.  As a result, the number of people looking for a job in this city increased over the years on online search engines, especially for nursing jobs.

There are different positions available in different fields of many industries. However, this time we will talk about a specific field in medicine, the nursing jobs in Dubai.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about finding nursing jobs in Dubai. Let’s observe:

1. What is a nursing assistant job?

2. How can you become a certified nurse assistant in Dubai?

3. What are the duties of a nursing assistant?

4. How can you prepare yourself for the CNA exam?

5. What are the qualities of a nursing assistant?

6. Where can you find nursing jobs?

7. Why should you be a Nursing Assistant in Dubai? 

8. How can Connect Health help you find a nursing job in Dubai?

1.  What is a nursing assistant job?

A nursing assistant requires certain qualifications compared to other nursing positions. It is crucial to go through formal training and it is mandatory a high school diploma to apply. Also, people as young as sixteen, can apply for the positions. First, they have to pass an exam and get certified as nursing assistants (CNA). Once that is done, they can apply for available nursing jobs.

However, it is important to stand out that educational requirements to practice may be different depending on the area. This is perfect for anyone interested in a nursing career. In case you are just switching to healthcare, the certification process can take four to six months.

2. How can you become a certified nurse assistant in Dubai?

If you want to become a certified nurse assistant (CNA), the UAE has a diverse list of approved training programs. Some of them include 100 hours of supervised training and 60 hours of classroom teaching. In addition, there may be a possibility for you to validate equivalent experience based on partial completion of an RN program. Even though the application for the position requires only one certification if you want to take the exam, keep in mind that the requirements are broad. 

Documents to take the CNA exam  

Let us take a brief look at the required documents to take the Certification Nursing Assistant exam, so you can apply for nursing jobs.

  • High school diploma.
  • Immunization records.
  • Proof of age/ Parental authorization in case the applicant is 17-16 years old.
  • Criminal background checks.
  • First aid certification.
  • TB test results.

3. What are the duties of a nursing assistant?

The simplest way to answer this question is that it will depend on the department a certified nursing assistant can have certain responsibilities in a specific field.  RN managers might be located in different departments. For instance, a nursing assistant in a telemetry unit makes sure to monitor patients in case there is any sort of abnormality. In most cases, a CNA works with patients of all ages. Nevertheless, they can work with specific age groups.

Responsibilities of a nursing assistant at Connect Health 

Certified nursing assistants have many duties. They help patients with direct health care needs, under the supervision of a nurse. A CNA works with nurses and patients, helping with physical tasks that involve patient care.

  • Communicates and documents changes or abnormal values to RN.
  • Takes vital signs that involve: pulse, temperature, blood pressure, breathing, and pain level.
  • Assists with feeding patients.
  • Performs his/her duties under the supervision of the RN.
  • At least every hour, he/she performs patient rounds.
  • Performs HS and AM hygiene.
  • Ambulates and positions patients according to the per care plan.
  • Follows all the guidelines as claimed by the change of shift report from the assigned RN.
  • Maintains patient room organization.
  • Performs other assigned tasks.

4. How can you prepare yourself for the CNA exam?

The first thing you need to know is that the CNA exam is divided into two sections: firstly, the written test and secondly clinical skills test. A licensed nurse and an instructor supervise both of the tests. The written test is comprised of 16 questions about nurse aid, 36 regarding physical care skills, and 8 questions about psychosocial care skills. You can also check free study guides and CNA practice exams online.

Regarding the skills test, we recommend you to arrive wearing the uniform. Usually, this test takes around thirty minutes to complete. Nurses have to demonstrate the proper handwashing (approximately 20 seconds). Otherwise, it will end up in automatic failure. Even though there are no specific instructions, the applicants must perform and demonstrate the following skills on a mannequin:

  • Bathing techniques.
  • Making bed properly.
  • Positioning patients.
  • Taking vital signs.
  • Transfer patients from bed to a stretcher or a chair.
  • Perform catheter care.

 You don’t have to worry about getting a perfect score since the skills exam does not require a perfect score to pass. Moreover, if you make a mistake you have the chance to explain the correct method to the nurse since you can get grace points for identifying your mistakes.

5. What are the qualities of a nursing assistant?

You already know you will be spending hours in a classroom and learning how to perform the clinical skills to take care of your patients. Everything sounds perfect. You are so excited to get started and apply for nursing jobs. However, here comes another question: what else does it take to be a good CNA?

Beyond your desire to help others and obtain your certification, there are some personal traits you have to develop to make your career more satisfying and successful. The ability to handle unusual events that can happen in any workplace can improve your care of patients and your relationship with co-workers.

These are some qualities of a great Certified Nursing Assistant:


The good thing is that you will have a solid start during the CNA program and you can learn something new while doing your job every day. Since there will always be new patients with new diagnoses, you’ll be asked to perform different procedures. Make sure to ask questions about a topic or technique that you are not familiar with. Remember, asking questions is always an excellent way to learn in nursing jobs.

Communication skills

You have to be aware that as a member of the nursing team, you must be a team player and a strong communicator. During shift changes, it is crucial to share the patient’s information and your observations with the next member or the nurse. Remember that your patients need someone who listens to them well and support them. In addition, you have to know how to give them clear instructions.


A certified nursing assistant is responsible for monitoring patients, and all their possible changes such as higher blood pressure, lack of appetite, or a new bruise, can all be significant. Since you are constantly giving direct care, you will be the first to notice and report something different or unusual in patients that maybe others didn’t notice.


Keep in mind that for a CNA every day is different. Some days are easy and others are quite challenging. You will be asked to work different shifts or even on weekends. For example, a co-worker might get sick, requiring you to extend your patient load for the day. They don’t include these aspects in the CNA job description, but being able to adapt to new situations will boost your career in health care.


Disabled or ill patients may require extra time regardless of whether you are too busy or not. For instance, helping patients walk after surgery or helping stroke patients to learn to dress. It takes a calm and encouraging demeanor. This can make a positive impact on their healing process.

Physical strength

Positioning, lifting, and transferring patients will be one of your daily responsibilities. In addition, you will spend most of your shift on your feet. Hence, physical strength is important to perform your duties and help co-workers. Keeping yourself healthy is a top priority.

Emotional stability

Taking care of patients can be very stressful. You get to see how they struggle with their diagnoses and their futures. It is hard to witness how some of them will never get better, and some will die. It requires steadiness to support them.

Time management

It is crucial to prioritize your tasks and use your time efficiently in order to give all the patients the care and attention they need. Time management can also reduce your stress and allow you to take breaks or meals without worries.


Team members helping each other play an important role in patient care. By doing this, co-workers can accomplish more. Offering and asking for assistance strengthens work relationships and may increase job satisfaction. 


You must show concern for those in your care. Remember that patients may have fears about their health. Therefore, they will need your sympathetic support. It includes providing care without judgment regarding the patient’s beliefs and culture.


We can agree that all human beings should be treated with dignity and respect. All patients deserve respectful care, maintaining privacy and confidentiality. However, not only do patients deserve it, co-workers require respect to feel appreciated. Last but not least, all employees must respect the rules and policies of their workplace.


Enthusiasm and a positive attitude for work make a great difference in a workplace environment. People don’t enjoy working with someone who is constantly complaining about everything.  The ability to see the best in tough situations contributes to good mental health.

6. Where can you find nursing jobs?

You can find nursing jobs in different kinds of healthcare settings, including:

  • Nursing homes.
  • Hospitals.
  • Rehabilitation centers.
  • Clinical facilities.
  • Residential facilities.

Normally, adult care facilities and nursing homes are the most common places you find certified nursing assistants. Also, they can work in clinical settings, however, that doesn’t happen very often.  

7. Why should you be a Nursing Assistant in Dubai?  

At this point, you are probably wondering why you should be a nursing assistant, specifically in Dubai. Well, Dubai has great nursing jobs opportunities for nurses at any stage of their career, offering a steady job outlook and high salaries. Nurses will be able to settle down quickly in any area.  Connect Health supports nurses teams with a caring staff and benefits package.

8. How can Connect Health help you find a nursing job in Dubai?

Nursing assistants must complete a training program. There are different programs, so all interested students must find the ones that best suit their needs. Most programs have the same requirements that applicants must complete.

Fortunately, we can help you throughout the entire process. At Connect Health, we make sure to connect thousands of medical professionals looking for nursing jobs with healthcare employers in Dubai. This way, strengthening the UAE healthcare system and providing opportunities for competent workers.

We assist health care professionals who are residing in the UAE and sharing their life-saving talents with communities. There are hundreds of professionals in the UAE trying to restore their careers in health, and we are actively supporting them in the entire process.  You can explore our page for job opportunities and boost your career. Make sure to read the job descriptions carefully to ensure you can demonstrate the opportunity is right for you.

Connect Health makes the best matches between talent and opportunities. Most importantly, candidates must align with our values of integrity, respect, and collaboration.

Would you like to contact Connect Heath to obtain more information about finding nursing jobs in Dubai? If you have any questions, call us on +971 433 16 6 08. You can email us at, and you will talk to one of our representatives who will answer your questions.

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