Finding medical staff for clinic in Dubai

It is well known that Dubai is a city with high development in many industries. And of course, the healthcare industry is one of the most important and developed ones. So that is why the city needs a medical staff very qualified.

In this article, you will learn everything about what you need to be part of Dubai’s prestigious medical staff. And also, you’ll know how to post corporate health jobs to find quality medical staff.

1. How is the Healthcare System in Dubai?

The Healthcare Emirate system is composed of four main organizations that are responsible for issuing medical licenses in Dubai. They are:

●     Dubai Health Authority (DHA). It is in charge of the public healthcare sector.

●     Ministry of Health (MOH). It is at the helm of the public and private sectors. This organization supervises licensing applications in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

●     The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). It oversees the private healthcare sector.

2. What is currently happening in the Healthcare industry in Dubai?

Every hospital needs the best healthcare staff at its service and Dubai hospitals are not the exception. Demand for healthcare professionals has increased while the city continues developing significantly. Personal recruitment, training, and retention are important since Dubai has an elevated concentration of expatriates in its population and workforce.

As a consequence, the city has taken part in attracting medical staff for its hospitals and clinics in the last few years. A series of programs have been implemented, such as uninterrupted training and upgraded recruitment packages. The government expects that demand for health care will continue climbing as well as the population.

2.1. What do the numbers say?

Concurring to the DHA, the number of individuals enrolled as working within the health division stood at 31,080 in 2017. A few 89% were non-Emiratis. There were 11,375 nurses, 5,862 doctors, and 2,012 dentists. Around 64% of private healthcare laborers were under 40 years old.

Furthermore, the DHA expanded the number of specialists and nurses working in its clinics by 1.1% in 2017. The private division saw increments as well. Be that as it may, due to populace development. This stood at around 9.8% in 2017, the number of specialists and nurses per occupant declined.

As a result, in general, there were 2.9 doctors and 6 nurses for every 1000 occupants in 2017. Meanwhile, the number of dentists has remained steady, at 0.8 per 1000 individuals in both years. At least 7,323 specialists and 8,510 nurses over the taking after a decade will be required.

2.2. Why does not Dubai hire local medical staff?

Local recruitment is hampered by certain cultural and social variables. Let’s take a look at Emirati nursing staff working for the DHA: only 44. This happens because, for most Emirati families, Nursing is not considered a fitting career for their progeny to study.

3. Why should you work in the healthcare industry in Dubai?

One of the main attractions of working in Dubai is tax-free income. This means that your salary will be more significant. From the beginning until the end of your contract, flights to and from Dubai will be paid for. Also, there are mid-year round trip tickets for you to travel.

Moreover, a lot of healthcare jobs offer certain benefits such as health insurance, and the opportunity to bring your family with you (if you are a doctor or a senior manager). Plus, you will not have to worry about accommodation and utilities, because they are other benefits for free too.

In addition to this, many clinics are generous with annual leaves; they can offer you until seven weeks. And you will get a bonus after the ending of your contract. If you have children, you can receive an education allowance for them.

Besides being a very developed city, it is hugely safe, since the crime is tremendously low in the country. Actually, UAE is one of the safest countries in the world. So you will not have to worry about walking around the city at night.

3.1. Social life in Dubai.

Dubai used to be a small fishing village; nowadays it has become the economic center of the Gulf region. It has the biggest population in the country at over 2.1 million.  Being the largest of the seven United Arab Emirates, the city is known for its extravagance and luxury.

That being said, you will have the opportunity to be on trips to wonderful places around the whole city.  Many hospitals organize this kind of trip and also, recreational activities. You are guaranteed to have so much fun that you won’t want to leave before the end of your contract.

3.2. Transportation.

Since petrol is cheap, the cost of your transportation won’t affect your wallet. You will be able to explore and enjoy the city on weekends in your car. But be careful and behave yourself because there are a lot of speed cameras on roads.

Nevertheless, if you can afford a car, you can always take a taxi. People say that it is the best way of touring around the city. But you have to know that they will take you wherever you want, and that’s it. They are not allowed to bring you back.

  Also, Dubai counts with a great public transportation system, and actually, it has low prices.  It costs about AED 1 and 4 (which equals to $0,27and $1,08). Buses are very developed and with modern designs and count with air-conditioning. Plus, there is a separate area for women and men.

4. How to find healthcare jobs in Dubai?

Health-related jobs are very demanded in the city, so you will have a bunch of options to see. Internet is full of job offers, therefore, all you have to do is sit down and check them out. The good news is that you can apply online.

Alternatively, if browsing on the internet is not your thing, you can reach a recruitment agency. They are going to be happy to introduce you to the best health industry jobs.

4.1. Who can be candidate to be part of medical staff in Dubai?

The most in-demand professions that are requested for medical staff in Dubai are:

•     Physiotherapists: these professionals are in great demand because they can treat a considerable number of diseases.  Some of these diseases are asthma, cerebral palsy, back pain, heart diseases, and even cancer.

•     Nursing staff: since the number of the population is skyrocketing, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has made known that it will need at least more than 8500 nurses in the future. So if you are a compassionate, attentive, meticulous, and diligent nurse, this is your opportunity.

•     Medical Technician: and of course, the technician cannot be missing. They are a very important part of the proper functioning of a hospital. You must have good communication skills, accountability, commitment, integrity, and methodical nature.

•     Human Resources: it does not matter that you do not have any career in the healthcare sector. All hospitals and clinics need a competent HR department. Dubai hospitals are looking for an organized, multitasking, precise, and negotiating person.

•     Hospital Management: if you are an honest, flexible, and adaptable person with good judgment and strong character, you must apply now.

5. What do you need for moving to Dubai?

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) requires applicants to have the pertinent licensing and qualifications from their home country. First, for being able to work in Dubai, you must have an entry visa. How quickly you can obtain a visa will depend on your nationality.

For example, the people who have American or European nationalities will have an uncomplicated process. On the contrary, the process may take a little bit more for people of other nationalities. After this, you have to present a health card that guarantees you do not have any infectious disease.

Thirdly, you will receive a labor card when you have a signed employment contract. Also, you should already have a valid health card and an entry visa at that point. This labor card is what allows you to work legally in the UAE.

Last but not least, you will need to have is residency visa, which authorizes you to live legally in Dubai. Nowadays, if you are a doctor based in Dubai, you can be eligible for the Golden Visa. This visa will allow you to live for 10 years in Dubai.

5.1. What are the requirements to be part of medical staff in Dubai?

To get health and safety jobs in UAE, specifically, in Dubai, there are some requirements.  And of course, those requirements will depend on the area you are going to apply for.

  • Staff Nurse: Bachelor in Nursing or General Nursing Midwifery.
  • Radiographer: Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Medical Technology.
  • Lab Technician: Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology.
  • Human Resources: Bachelor in Human Resources.
  • Hospital manager: Bachelor in Administration.
  • Customer Service Associate: Bachelor in any discipline.

It is worth mentioning that for applying for all these jobs, you must have proven credentials and excellent interpersonal skills. In addition, you need to have more than 2 years of experience with DHA / MOH Eligibility letter or license.

5.2. What documents are required?

 You need to submit your medical certificates (translated to English and originals), marriage certificate, and passport. Your certificates along with your passport must be attested and legalized at the UAE Embassy of your home country. Also, you will need an exceptional CV.

6. How to recruit medical staff?

If what you need is to find people who work for you, you will be facing a real challenge. Firstly, you must determine what you are looking for in the medical staff you need to hire. It is recommendable to post your ad on health-related job websites.

However, you have to be aware of where you are going to post since there’re millions of pages on the internet. In a few worksites, organizations can post their job vacancies at no cost. But you have to be willing to pay for the perfect page to post.

It is worth highlighting that when we are talking about public health jobs in UAE, the government posts its offers. So it is important to know where to search and post. You will need a lot of patient and perseverance to succeed in this task.

7. How is the pay?

Being part of the staff of a clinic in Dubai would be a huge opportunity for you. Your salary will depend on the job you are going to do. An ordinary practitioner can earn AED 243,805 per year. However, it would depend on your specialization.

For example, a physician earns between AED 144.000 and 240.000, while a cardiologist or a neurologist earns AED 420.000. Staff nurses earn AED 87.764 annually. A medical technologist’s salary is about AED 111.289 per year. And the work experience and specialization that you have will remarkably impact the annual remuneration.

8. How can Connect Health help you?

No doubt having a helping hand can take a huge weight off your shoulders. That is why you need an agency like Connect Health to make your life easier. We’re a company with more than 20 years of experience. So we can help you to find the perfect medical staff.

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Furthermore, if you’re a healthcare professional, we can certainly help you in your search for the perfect job. The main priority of Connect Health is serving you in the best way possible.

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