8 Persuasive arguments for working in the healthcare industry

Ever since the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the healthcare industry has increased its importance in society, even though it was already defined. The medical field leads one of the biggest growing businesses, having opportunities in diverse areas. Whether you prefer working in a laboratory, administrating, or caring for patients, there is an option fitting you.

In this article, we will carefully discuss eight persuasive arguments for you to consider about working in the healthcare industry. Also, we will talk about other relevant topics such as types of work, workplaces, and practicing in the United Arab Emirates. You will find out:

  1. Why you should work in the healthcare industry?
  2. What are the types of work in the healthcare industry?
  3. Where can you work in the healthcare industry?
  4. What is the UAE healthcare industry like?
  5. How can Connect Health help you find a job in the healthcare industry in the UAE?

1. Why you should work in the healthcare industry?

As we have already explained, there are tons of various job opportunities in the healthcare industry, each one with its duties and benefits. Nevertheless, health careers are exciting, interesting, and passionate professions. If you think that medicine may be for you, these are a few aspects you should think about:

1.1. Variety of career offers

Given its wide and promising growth, vacancies in this industry have been increasing and will continue to importantly increase in the upcoming years. As a result, neither finding employment in the medical field nor staying employed is a difficult task. Health careers have good job prospects and provide good compensation.

This means you will enjoy job security and will not have problems finding where to work.

1.2. Always learning ambiance

Having a health career implies that every day is an opportunity to learn. This is thanks to the multiple advantages of medicine as technology improves its way in. Some examples of this development are:

  • Telemedicine: It has had a significantly big expansion since COVID-19. This improvement gives the great possibility to work virtually, and you can know more about it here.
  • Liquid biopsies: They make some lab tests more sustainable as they are cheaper and easier.

The healthcare industry professions involve constant chances for you to learn, either by reading interesting articles or doing exciting practices.

1.3. Available positions for all educational levels

You might have a high school degree or a specialized medical degree. It does not matter since there is an accessible option for you in the healthcare field. Some careers like nursery or neurology degrees implicate studying for eight, ten, and up to 13 years.

At the same time, there are health careers that just require training from 18 to 14 months. Hence, be sure to explore all the possibilities you have.

1.4. Good salaries

Being a leading business, it is not surprising that people who perform health occupations have good salaries and many employee benefits. In fact, they are one of the most well-paid workers all around the world. Nevertheless, the amount of money you can make certainly depends on your:

Thus, the more educated you are, the higher your salary will be. For instance, in the UAE, an average medical laboratory technician can earn approximately AED 59,856 per year. While professionals with a specialty such as neurosurgery can earn an average of AED 454,516 per year.

1.5. Offers everywhere

Every country, region, city, and small community across all continents has a high demand for healthcare workers. This provides you not only the opportunity to choose where do you want to work and live but the possibility to travel. Therefore, you will be able to meet amazing countries.

This is while you are still earning a good income and contributing to the health of people globally.

1.6. Fulfilling jobs

According to surveys, healthcare industry employees have demonstrated to have high rates of satisfaction with their professional choices. Each one of them feels a great desire of helping people and make a positive impact in their lives. This is from clinic administrators to laboratory technicians, from nurses to nephrology specialists.

And, they can achieve this while being monetary well-rewarded. This means that as a health field worker, you will be satisfied with both your job and your compensation.

1.7. Variable schedules

Medical services areas have different schedules depending on the type of work they do and the field they focus on. This is due to the constant aim for these in populations.

Therefore, there are adjustable options to labor overnights, during short work weeks, or even remotely, as telemedicine continues to increase. Talking about schedules, the opportunities for you are limitless.

1.8. Changing environment

The health field is continuously evolving and the COVID-19 pandemic has, even more, established its need to change. Health systems are already changing towards prioritizing early detection and diagnosis to prevent diseases and encouraging the population to maintain a healthy lifestyle before the illness.

In fact, it is expected that by 2030 this transition will have been applied everywhere and will be accessible for anyone. Doing special emphasis on those with disadvantages and risk health conditions.

You can be part of that change, you can contribute to the building of a healthier, safer, and better society. Furthermore, Connect Health can make it easier, as we can help you to find a job and get started.

2. What are the types of work in the healthcare industry?

Around all its extensive areas, there are four main types of work in the healthcare industry. Despite this, it surely exists one according to you. Let us show you a closer look at each one of them:

2.1. Healthcare administration

Consists of a combination between business management and medicine and health policy. The responsibilities of healthcare administration professionals involve personnel management, facility administration, and policymaking, among many other diverse operations.

In the same way, these jobs usually have full-time schedules. Also, some may have over 40 work hours per week. Though, working nights or weekends could be possibly required for them. This relies on whether the facility they labor in is open all day, such as nursing homes or hospitals.

Some of the roles existing in this class are:

  • Clinic administrator
  • Medical office assistant
  • Admissions coordinator
  • Medical coder
  • Administrative clerk

Besides, as a medical office assistant, you can have a salary of about AED 34,976 per year within the UAE. Meanwhile, being an administrative clerk, you can yearly earn AED 96,954 on average.

2.2. Medical laboratory

Laboratory careers are an option for people not interested in the fast-paced medicine positions, but that still want to contribute to the industry. These options generally consist of full-time hour jobs.

Even though, the possibility to have to work evenings, weekends, or overnight exists. This is because the facilities they work in are open day and night, such as hospitals and labs.

This type of career covers jobs like laboratory technician, laboratory manager, and anesthesia technician. Additionally, in the UAE, salaries for the last role are around AED 287,633 per year. At the same time, being an average laboratory manager, you can yearly earn AED 163,844.

2.3. Patient care

This option refers to professionals who are responsible to give care to ill people as they work directly with patients. These positions have been highly in demand for the last few years.

Alike as in healthcare administration, the schedule of patient care employees depends on the workplace they have and its environment. But considering that care functions are required day and night, it is not rare that they frequently have to work nights, weekends, and holidays.

Some examples of job titles in this category are medical assistants and nurses. The base salaries of the last ones are around AED 88,132 per year in the UAE. Meanwhile, as a medical assistant, you can have a yearly salary of AED 33,769 on average.

2.4. Physician and surgeon

This health field comprehends the professionals who are in charge of the diagnosis and treatment of illness and injuries. Also, they can give advice on the diets of patients and procure preventative care. These healthcare careers have been incredibly growing in recent times, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to their great importance in society, the work schedules of physicians and surgeons are really variable. Because even though they tend to have full-time jobs, they may also have to work long, irregular and overnight hours.

In fact, they are usually required to be on-call after hours, in order to be available for patients. They assist emergencies at hospitals and nursing homes too.

The neurology specialty is an important part of this type of health career, as it is an increasing branch of medicine. In the same way, it also can be found roles such as:

  • General practitioner
  • Obstetrics and gynecology specialist
  • Pediatrician
  • Nephrology specialist
  • Plastic surgeon
  • Cardiology specialist
  • Neurosurgery specialist

3. Where can you work in the healthcare industry?

Generally, talking about places to work in the healthcare industry, settings like hospitals or outpatient clinics come to mind. But there are even more possibilities than these. As a healthcare worker, you can also work in:

  • Nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Medical laboratories
  • Private practices
  • Patient homes
  • Developing communities requiring health services

Within the UAE, one of the biggest sources of work is the two healthcare free zones. These are located in Dubai and make the availability of job offers more than certain. No matter if you are searching for an administration, laboratory, patient care, or neurology and surgery career.

Are you interested in practicing in Dubai? Contact us to obtain more information about our services to find employment in this emirate.

Just as positions in the medical field, the workplaces are unlimited since healthcare services are required everywhere. There is definitely one that fits you, regardless of the option you choose or what your goals and interests are.

4. What is the UAE healthcare industry like?

The population in the UAE enjoys health care of a high standard. This is due to a far-reaching public health service and a private health sector with fast development. For instance, there have been eradicated many infectious diseases that once affected society. This includes epidemics such as malaria, measles, and poliomyelitis.

Moreover, prenatal and postnatal care have statistics levels comparable to other developed countries in the world, like the United States. While the neonate mortality rate reduced to 5.54 per 1000, the infant mortality rate decreased to 6.4 per 1000. Also, the maternal mortality rate lowered to 3 for every 100,000.

In the same way, employee benefits in the health field comprehend health insurance for expatriate workers, as UAE law requires it. Additionally, there is a charitable fund that helps finance serious medical conditions of underinsurance expatriates. This includes cancer, issues related to nephrology specialty, polytrauma, and disability.

Specifically, Dubai has procured to ensure world-class healthcare and promote innovation in the medical area in the past few years. Your success in the healthcare sector in Dubai is guaranteed by its priorities in:

  • Attracting and keeping efficient talent in the medical staff
  • Creating enthusiasm around postgraduate healthcare education
  • Investing constantly in both primary and specialized health services

5. How can Connect Health help you find a job in the healthcare industry in the UAE?

Connect Health can make seeking your desired job easier in the UAE. Whether you decided to work in administration, in a laboratory, be a nurse, physician, or nephrology specialist. As a company, we serve as a platform to connect thousands of professionals in medicine looking for employment with healthcare employers.

Just sign up on our website. Then, browse through all the job offers to find a vacancy for you. On the other hand, if you want to hire healthcare employees, we can help you find talent for your business. We have a wide database, but if your search is more specific, post a job vacancy.

Feel free to contact Connect Health to obtain more information about healthcare jobs. Send us an email at info@connecthealth.ae if you have any questions. One of our representatives will gladly answer your inquiries.

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